Beginner's Guide: What to Look for When Searching a Cutting Board to Buy?

Do you need a new cutting board for your kitchen?

A cutting board is one of the basic and essential kitchen tools. You can never prepare food without this kitchen implement. The primary function of a cutting board is to make food preparation easier and faster. Moreover, it prevents your counter top from getting scratches and marks when using knives.

If your old cutting board is worn out and has several damages, no longer wait for it to break or cause food contamination. Replace it with a brand new wooden cutting board.

As you already know, there are different types of cutting boards in the market. It varies from plastics, glass, to wood. Among these options, the most popular choice is a wooden cutting board.

Culinary experts prefer wooden cutting board because of the material’s durability, resistance to knife scratches, and longevity. A high-quality wood cutting board can last even a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Although wooden cutting boards are not cheap, the functionality and longer lifespan of this item are indeed worth every money you’re going to spend.

But take note, not all wood cutting boards are excellent investments. A high-quality cutting board characterizes unique qualities which makes it the best choice. Here are the aspects you need to look for when searching for a cutting board to buy.

#1 Versatility

A good wooden cutting board is great for cutting veggies, carving meat, poultry, dicing spices, and many more. It should withstand even cutting the toughest food. A versatile cutting board can help you do more cooking opportunities and quicker food preparation.

#2 Durability

Choosing a cutting board constructed using hardwood is a good rule of thumb. Hardwoods are guaranteed durable and scratch resistant. It is one of the reasons why hardwoods are commonly used in making kitchen furniture, decors, and implements like a cutting board.

Examples of hardwoods are maple, walnut, oak, and beech. Among these options, the most popular is the walnut. Professionals favor a walnut cutting board because of its impressive beauty and strength. You can see samples of top selling walnut cutting boards found here. Likewise, it is also cheaper compared to a maple cutting board.

#3 Easy to the Knives

When selecting a cutting board to buy, handpick one that is easy to the knives and prevents it from getting dull fast.

Walnut cutting boards with an end-grain design have this unique feature. It preserves the knife’s sharpness despite using it on a daily basis. Moreover, the surface of a walnut board heals fast. It is also why restaurants and culinary professionals prefer a walnut cutting board rather than other choices.

Additional Advice

Always read customer reviews before selecting an item. Customer reviews are a great source of information. You’ll get to know more about a product by reading reviews. Also, do plenty of research to determine which cutting board is best suitable for your needs.

If you still have questions, see the Virginia Boys Kitchens for more information about wooden cutting boards.